The Houseman

Breakfast Is Served – (Minimum 10)  

Cooked Breakfast with Private Chef.   

Treat yourself with a chef’s cooked breakfast  – $39.50 per person
plus $280 (includes set up, cooking and clean up)
Yoghurt selection with toppers of berries or passionfruit compote
Fresh Fruit platter or Fruit Salad
Croissants and Danish pastries and Muffins
Sliced cheeses and sliced meats
Overnight oats with toasted almonds
Apple and Strawberry Crumble with Natural Yoghurt
Selection of Juices
Bread, Sourdough and Fruit loaf
Cereal selection, Milk
Condiments and spreads
Smoked Salmon poached eggs with Halloumi, English muffins, Hollandaise
Eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and tomato & Sourdough
Bacon and Egg Rolls

Breakfast Drop off Packs for you to cook

Big Breakfast Box – minimum of 10 people $34.90
Hickory smoked bacon rashers, beef sausages, tomatoes mushrooms and onions for grilling. Cage-free eggs (2 per person). Freshly baked bread, croissants, English muffins and fruit toast. Toasted muesli, fruit salad drizzled with passionfruit, natural and flavoured yoghurts, butter spreads & orange juice.

The Green Breakfast Box – a minimum of 10 people $33.90
Fresh Fruit with natural & flavoured yoghurts, large freshly baked croissants and pastries with jams & orange juice. Cage-free eggs (2 per person) kale, spinach, avocado, halloumi and quinoa

Continental Breakfast Box – minimum 10 people $27.50
Freshly baked bread, English Muffins, Fruit Toast and croissants. Toasted muesli, fruit salad drizzled with Passionfruit. Sliced ham and cheese, natural and flavoured Yoghurt’s. Butter and Spreads & Orange Juice

The Brunch Box – minimum 10 people $32.90
Brunch box contains natural and flavoured yoghurts, muesli bars, large freshly baked croissants with strawberry jam & butter, fresh fruit salad, triple cream brie, prosciutto, quince paste, dip, sourdough, crackers and rocky road.

Anyone for Lunch or Dinner –

Private Chef’s cooking option additional $280 (set up, cooking and clean up)

BBQ Drop off option $38.50 per person
Sausages 2 per person – Freshly made gourmet sausages choice

  • Honey mint rosemary lamb
  • Traditional pork
  • Lean beef
  • Chicken cashew

Tender home-made marinated chicken tenderloin kebabs – 2 per person
Burger 1 per person

  • Lean premium Burger
  • Chicken Burger
  • Spiced Chick Pea Burger

Our hand selected beef is all Limousin cross which is pasture fed, then 100-day natural grain finished from the upper Hunter Region
600g Viking rib eye steak $29.00
350G Scotch fillet steak $20.00
350g T-Bone steak $20.00
Chicken breast Schnitzel $10.00
Seafood Options on request

Onions, Mushrooms & Tomatoes and corn for grilling
Spinach, goat’s cheese, walnuts & truffle oil
Baby Tomato and Bocconcini with reduced Balsamic
Our special recipe potato salad
Green salad
Condiments and Sauces
Selection of freshly baked sour dough bread and rolls

Premium Hunter cheese’s, dried fruit, quince paste & sweet treats $18.50 per person
Pavlova or Mud Cake – $10.50 per person
Indulgence tasting plate of 4 petite individual sweets $36 per plate serves 2
Other desserts available on request

Dinner or lunch Drop off Packs for you to cook

Private Chef’s cooking option $280 (includes set up, cooking and clean up)

 Pizza Pack Dinner Box – minimum 10 people $29.50 pp
Freshly made pizza bases & sauce. Salami, ham & pepperoni, Mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and pineapple, mozzarella, parmesan fetta and rocket.  Olive oil Garlic and fresh herbs. Balsamic reduction.

German Bratwurst Hot Dog Dinner Box – minimum 10 people $29.50 pp
Locally made German bratwurst sausage. Freshly baked long bread rolls. Onion and mushrooms for grilling, grated cheese. Sauerkraut, tomato relish, mustards & sauces

 Burger Night Box – minimum 10 people $29.50 pp
Beef burgers & chicken burger or spiced chickpea burger option. Lettuce, tomatoes, sliced cheese, beetroot, onions, bacon & eggs. Burger buns, sauces, mustard and relish.

Mexican Amigos Box minimum 10 people $29.50 pp
Nachos, Tacos and Tortillas, premium lean beef or chicken mince, taco seasoning, kidney beans, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, corn, sour cream, onions, cheese and tomato salsa.

 Vegetarian Mezze Box – minimum 10 people $19.50 pp
Grilled vegetables, tzatziki, hummus, tabouli, olives, pickles & stuffed peppers and much more. Balsamic glaze, olive oil. Breads, sourdough, baggett’s

Cheese, fruit & chocolate grazing box – minimum 10 people $24.50 pp
Premium Selection of Cheese’s. Crackers & crisp breads, dried fruit, nuts, strawberries and blueberries. Quince paste. Chocolate & sweet treats.

 Something for everyone grazing box – minimum 10 people $35 pp
Selection of gourmet meats and salami’s, olives, grilled vegetables, hummus, premium cheese’s, crackers and crisp breads fresh & dried fruit, nuts, strawberries and blueberries. Quince paste. Chocolate & sweet treats.

 The Sweet Tooth box – minimum 10 people $19.50
Fresh fruit, strawberries and blueberries. Chocolates, lollies, and cakes with chocolate dipping sauce

All products and food boxes are packed and are ready for your preparation your pack will be in the fridge